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 Delta Barz V.S. Double T (Delta Barz Wins Via NOSHOW!!)

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PostSubject: Delta Barz V.S. Double T (Delta Barz Wins Via NOSHOW!!)   Wed Aug 03, 2011 10:56 pm

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Voting will start when both versus are submitted

Quote :
[12:28:56] CN Punk : do everyone suck with grammer

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PostSubject: Re: Delta Barz V.S. Double T (Delta Barz Wins Via NOSHOW!!)   Fri Aug 05, 2011 4:36 pm

im Carving a Rhythm, you Handle so much Cock u have Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, he takes a Parcel with a Funnel to Bring Home, and he Drinks Cum in it/while i was making Hot-lines you were having fake Sex on the Phone, i Grab your Girl, we have
Sex at her Home, then kill da bitch, Blast Techs made of Chrome, Still Erect at my Bone, so i Bang her Corpse , she Stank like Horse Shit, ur gettin all Nervous so i tell you to Forfeit, you look like Norbit, watch me blasting Four Clips, like FUCK THIS GUY he prob eat dick, he SUCKS till its DRY/ see imma leave him Wasted in a Hearse/ but if he responds he'll prob be Pasting up his Bitten Verse/ keystyle

aight pretty basic i know and ya ya i know broken multies couldnt give a shit right now tho.
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Delta Barz V.S. Double T (Delta Barz Wins Via NOSHOW!!)
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