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VOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Empty
PostSubject: VOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   VOTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EmptyMon Jul 25, 2011 4:43 am

Voting: The battles will be up for three days!!!! if it is 3 votes to 0 then thats called a knock out and the one with three votes wins and an Admin/Mod will close that battle and give u a win or a lose whatever u earned.

How To Vote: go to a battle there should be a poll above each and every single battle when both versus r in (Read) them and vote fairly on the battles. We dont tolerate hate voting/Buddy voting if we catch on to any of this it will result in a 3 day ban for first time 2nd time will be a week so on and so on.!!!!!and always make sure to post a reply in the battle after u have voted on it because it helps out alot!

VOTING FOR YOURSELF: THERE WILL BE NO VOTING FOR YOURSELF WHAT SO EVER!!!! If we see that you have voted for yourself it will automatically result in a week of ban time!! Thank You. KingOfBarz Staff!!

You Could Never Win
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